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The Parian Law Firm Scholarship


Today’s economy, educational policy changes, and ever-shifting personal circumstances place undergraduate students under great strain. In the last decade, undergraduate costs have skyrocketed. The Parian Law Firm, LLC believes that all students should have available equal higher educational achievement options with quality institutions.

Average students graduating with bachelor’s degrees owe debts around $35,000, according to the Wall Street Journal. Many students struggle to maintain existing personal financial obligations while investing in their future. In 2015, College Scholarships reported that an astoundingly low 20 percent of students were capable of completing post-secondary education programs without amassing student loan debt.

Identifying the Gap

The Parian Law Firm applauds those seeking a higher education. Education brightens the future of America.  However, in higher education, a paradigm called “The Gap” exists. If a student, for example, receives a Pell Grant and other financial aid, they still may struggle to pay the balance due to attend college or university classes.  Many times this is due to circumstances outside the student’s control such as being from a less than ideal family financial situation.  These students are unable to turn to their families to ask for the extra bit of money to continue their education.  Unfortunately, many times, these students simply give up on their dreams of a college education.  We simply cannot let this happen.

The Parian Law Firm Scholarship

For this reason, The Parian Law Firm offers a needs-based financial aid response to aid gap funding specifically. We are offering $1,000.00 to an undergraduate student attending a Georgia public university or college.  The Parian Law Firm Scholarship rewards hard-working individuals seeking future education, security, and financial stability.

A $1,000.00 award is similarly available to a future Alabama school-goer seeking an undergraduate degree from an Alabama public university or college. The Parian Law Firm Scholarship is available regardless of a student’s major selection and current educational year.

Scholarship Application Eligibility

To be eligible for The Parian Law Firm Scholarship, applicants must meet several criteria:

  • Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or be otherwise authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Applicant must be attending a two or four-year Georgia public university or college.
  • Applicant must be attending a two or four-year Alabama public university or college.

Parian Scholarship Requirements

If an applicant meets the above-stated requirements, they are eligible The Parian Law Firm Scholarship application. They must then submit an application by November 22, 2016. In total, applicants must submit the following:

  • A completed The Parian Law Firm Scholarship Application form.
  • A one to three (1-3) paged typed, double-spaced essay responding to the specific question set forth.
  • All official and complete copies of college transcripts.
  • An acceptance letter or attendance confirmation letter from a public college or university in Georgia or Alabama, matching the college or university stated within the application form.
  • Copy of proof of U.S. legal residency, such as a passport, birth certificate or permanent resident card.

Parian Scholarship Application

When writing a scholarship application essay, applicants are prompted to do much more than simply answer the essay’s question. The essay, itself, is used by The Parian Law Firm to determine the applicant’s personality, lifestyle, and potential future. When writing the application essay, focus on life anecdotes, personal goals and opinions. At The Parian Law Firm, we thrive upon the future generation’s aspirations.

Scholarship Awards

The Parian Law Firm Scholarship applicants, we feel, are the world’s future. We love contributing to our nation’s next wave of intelligent, talented industry workers—regardless of their field. Additionally, we thrive upon assisting disadvantaged, disabled or otherwise underrepresented individuals receive educational and fiscal justice. A The Parian Law Firm Scholarship rewards approved applicants with the following:

  • The Parian Law Firm Scholarship to be utilized exclusively for university or college tuition.
  • A check for $1,000 payable to the award recipient’s university or college to pay tuition.
  • Future reference of The Parian Law Firm representation and scholarship assistance.

All award recipients are expected to submit any and all receipts in accordance to IRS regulations. Additionally, recipients are urged to double-check with presiding universities or colleges upon winning. Scholarship award recipients will be notified of their application status, selection and standing on approximately December 12, 2016.

Apply Today, and Secure Your Future

As a personal injury law firm and national award-holder of multiple accolades including being named as one of the the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, The Parian Law Firm is incredibly dedicated to the superb futures of its applicants. The Parian Law Firm Scholarship applicants aren’t simply students seeking financial coverage. They’re the nation’s next crop of fantastic decision makers. We feel each student’s potential can be maximized, and we feel empowering every future university attendee relieves financial burdens while maximizing success.

Find a fulfilling career, secure a meaningful job, and strike out debt before it accumulates. The Parian Law Firm intends to guide students every step of the way to rewarding careers; reduce the year-to-year post-graduate financial struggle; and free graduate’s post-educational life of unnecessary weight. We’re here, and we’re here to help you dream, achieve, and succeed.

Scholarship Requirements

Scholarship Application