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All Lawyers Claim to Represent Personal Injury Victims.  At Our Law Firm, THE ONLY THING WE DO is Represent Personal Injury Victims.  Look Around Our Website & CALL US TODAY at (770) 727-5550.



The Parian Law Firm, LLC is an award-winning Metro Atlanta personal injury law firm serving clients in Georgia, Alabama, and throughout the United States. Founded as a different breed of law firm, the personal injury lawyers of The Parian Law Firm, LLC are all small-town natives that get big city results. We know our clients by name, not by file number. Calling our office means you speak with someone familiar with your personal injury case. Our job is simple. Get you the compensation you deserve for the injuries you have suffered. Our goal is that you will think of us as family after we get you that result. Three words define us best.

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Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

The person or company that caused your injuries will be represented by a multi-million dollar insurance company through their army of insurance adjusters and team of high priced defense attorneys.  The insurance company will do all they can to get you to accept an offer for your injuries that is below what they are worth.  If you accept that offer, you could give up your ability to get any more money from that insurance company if your injuries require treatment in the future.  Hiring a personal injury attorney relieves you of dealing with the phone calls and bully tactics of the insurance company and their lawyers.  Once hired, your personal injury lawyer is the only person that the insurance company, their adjusters, and their lawyers can deal with from that point forward. Read Our Reviews. They only begin to tell the story of our firm.
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Metro Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys 

Is another person or company responsible for injuries you have suffered?  Even worse, is another person or company responsible for the death of someone important to you?  Our Metro Atlanta personal injury attorneys are licensed to practice law in Georgia and Alabama.  We have also fought for injured victim’s rightful compensation in other states across the nation.  Plain and simple, no matter your location, our personal injury attorneys want to hold the at-fault person or  company accountable for the life-changing effects put on you by their negligent actions.

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If you have been injured and want to know if you have a personal injury claim, drop us a line. Call our office at (770) 727-5550 or use the contact form.

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