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he Parian Law Firm, LLC is a different breed of legal advocacy. We get big city results with small town customer service. We know our clients by name, not by file number. When you call our office, you speak with someone familiar with your case. We love hearing from you, no matter how small the problem. Because advising clients is our profession, you will feel comfortable making the difficult decisions affecting your future.


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Xarelto & Killer Side Effects

Have you or a loved one suffered severe bleeding or other adverse side effects while taking the prescription drug Xarelto?  Cade Parian and The Parian Law Firm, LLC are experienced in going to war against drug companies that manufacture harmful[...]

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Safety Tips for Santa | The Parian Law Firm, LLC

T-Minus 7 days until Santa Claus visits every house in the world.  While many of us are settling in for the holiday season and end of year, Santa Claus and his elves are no doubt working 24/7 preparing to set[...]

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Electrical Shock Injuries and Electrocution

All of us have thought about this question at some point in our lives.  What is the worst possible way to die?  My answer is easy.  It would involve hundreds of snakes or cows.  Yes, I am terrified of cows. [...]

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