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Georgia Church Thief Get s Stiff Sentence

You want to steal something valuable. An entire air conditioning unit seems like a great idea. Wait. Another brilliant idea crosses your mind. Why not steal that air conditioning unit from a church? Then you leave mail with your name and address on[...]

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January 2017 Consumer Recalls

Products Recalled in January 2017 In January 2017, several consumer goods were recalled due to potential hazards. Some of the most recent recalls include: Dunkin Donuts Glass Tumblers On January 10th, 2017 Dunkin Donuts recalled 8,300 glass tumblers due to[...]

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FDA Recalls Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Replacement

The Food & Drug Administration issued a Class 1 recall on the Zimmer Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System Humeral Tray Model 115340. A type 1 recall is the worst kind issued by the FDA. On the market between October of 2008[...]

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Falcons “Rise Up” First Half – Only to be “Deflated” by Patriots in Second

For only the second time in history, the Atlanta Falcons made it to the Super Bowl. What happened was history was made………..in a bad way for the Falcons. I was there. It hurt. In the first overtime Super Bowl game[...]

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ELDER ABUSE ALERT: Beware of Gold Coin Scams

The most common type of elder abuse is financial exploitation, making up 57.9% of the cases evaluate, according to one study. Scam artists and con men prey on seniors who may be particularly vulnerable to fraudulent schemes, either because of[...]

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What if My Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

As does every other state, Georgia has a separate system for addressing the claims and needs of those who have been injured on the job. Workers’ compensation programs as designed have two primary goals: Getting injured workers the compensation and[...]

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Sponsoring Carrollton Main St

Proud Sponsor of Carrollton Main St The Parian Law Firm is a long-time upholder of small-town activities, constructive establishments and community. An award-winning Metro Atlanta provider of personal injury law firm servicing, The Parian Law Firm is proud to sponsor[...]

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5 Overlooked Dangers in Your Home

When parents joyously bring a child home from the hospital, it’s likely that that they have already taken some steps to “baby proof” their house. Covering wall outlets, putting latches on cabinets or doors, perhaps a gate at the top[...]

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Drunk Driving is Always Bad, But It’s Even Worse in Georgia

Don’t drink and drive. I don’t need to tell you that. But I will tell you that if you drive under the influence in the state of Georgia, you are doing so in one of the worst possible states in[...]

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What Happens If I Think the Judge in My Personal Injury Lawsuit is Biased Against Me?

Even if you’re just a casual sports fan, you’ve likely seen your share of “bad calls” – a basketball referee calling a phantom foul, a baseball umpire calling a pitch that was around the batter’s ankles a strike, or a[...]

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